Road rage an issue as traffic gets more congested in Poconos

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You’re driving to work, alone in your car.

Another vehicle suddenly comes up behind you, starts tailgating, then comes up alongside and repeatedly tries to run you off the road.

The woman, who did not want to be identified to protect herself from possible retaliation, said she was driving south on Neola Road in Hamilton Township toward Business Route 209 when another car began tailgating her.

She described the car as a dark maroon four-door Chevy Cruze with a New York license plate. She said the driver, a white man, possibly between 55 and 65 years old, was holding a walkie-talkie.

“He tried to hit my left back bumper and then flew up next to me and tried to run me off Neola Road as I approached 209,” she said. “I barely stopped because I was scared. When I turned onto 209 south, he flew around me and tried to run me off the road again. He was pointing a black walkie-talkie at me. I don’t recall him ever honking his horn, but just pointing that walkie-talkie at me.”

Called 911
She said he then pulled off ahead of her into a parking lot and that she called 911 while merging onto Route 33.

“At that point, I thought he was gone,” she said. “Then, I was on the phone with 911, approaching the Saylorsburg exit on 33, when he caught up to me and tried to run me off the highway. He acted like he was talking on his walkie-talkie, which seemed odd.

“Then, he passed me and slammed on his brakes at the Saylorsburg exit,” she said. “He waited there until I passed him and then proceeded to turn off at that exit. Later that day, state police told me they had found the owner of the vehicle whose license plate I had given to 911, but said there are two sides to every story. Since then, I’ve heard nothing further from police.”

No one had been charged or cited in this incident as of Friday.

“I don’t know what this guy’s problem was,” she said. “Maybe I wasn’t going fast enough for him on Neola Road or something. I think the community should be aware there are scary people like this on the roads.”

Grown worse
The term “road rage” was first used in 1988 and is defined as “a motorist’s uncontrolled anger, usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act, expressed in aggressive or violent behavior.”

Though “road rage” is not a legally defined offense with which someone can be criminally charged, it can lead to aggressive driving, such as speeding, illegal passing or weaving in and out of traffic, according to local police in Monroe County.

Aggressive driving, in turn, can result in legally defined criminal offenses such as harassment, reckless endangerment, vehicular assault or vehicular homicide.

Police agreed the problem has worsened as traffic on area roads has become more congested.

“What I’ve noticed is that the aggressive driver is almost always temper-prone, male, with average to below-average education and blue-collar,” said Pocono Township Police Chief Kent Werkheiser. “They are usually angry from a recent issue and the actual or perceived road incident is the trigger. They seem lacking in emotional and reasoning skills.”

Pointed a gun
Werkheiser recalled the case of Matthew Delcoco, 34, of East Stroudsburg, who was sentenced in September to three months of probation after pleading guilty to harassment.

In April 2012, on Cherry Lane Road, Pocono Township, Delcoco allegedly pointed a handgun at another motorist, William Hargrove, now 46, of East Stroudsburg, said something about shooting Hargrove in the chest, then aimed the gun away from Hargrove and fired.

Hargrove later told police he was showing his daughter how to drive when Delcoco came up behind them, tailgated them, then passed and twice stopped short in front of them, forcing Hargrove’s daughter to slam on the brakes.

He said Delcoco then accelerated ahead and stopped in the middle of the road, after which both men exited their vehicles while Hargrove’s daughter stayed in their vehicle.

Hargrove said that was when Delcoco pulled his gun and aimed at him, causing Hargrove to take cover behind his vehicle as Hargrove’s daughter called 911.

Delcoco told police he was annoyed Hargrove was driving so slowly ahead of him when he was trying to get to work. He said he passed them and that his vehicle then stalled, at which point Hargrove pulled up behind him and both men exited their vehicles.

He said he “jawed with Hargrove for a bit,” then pulled his gun and fired a shot into the woods to “keep Hargrove at bay.” Hargrove was not charged in this incident.

Delcoco was charged with terroristic threats, simple assault and reckless endangerment, all misdemeanors. He pleaded guilty to harassment, a citation less then a misdemeanor.

Stepped up enforcement
“Road rage has always been an issue in our jurisdiction, but I can’t say it’s increasing or decreasing,” said Capt. Brian Kimmins of Stroud Area Regional Police Department. “It’s a relatively common type of call, with most of them being verbal in nature without any assaults or damage.”

The most police can do is maintain a visible presence in traffic monitoring and enforcement, he said.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police has applied for and received grant money for enforcement against aggressive driving, said PMRP Sgt. Jeff Bowman.

The department is looking to better educate the public on the dangers of aggressive driving as well as have a stronger enforcement presence in problem areas like the five-points intersection at Routes 611 and 940, which tends to get gridlocked.


MOTOTRBO Powers Shop Watch Scheme for £40 Million Antonine Centre

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Antonine Centre Chooses Customisable, Dependable, Next-Generation Communications with Increased Coverage and Enhanced Voice Clarity

The Antonine Centre in Cumbernauld, which opened in 2007 has 42 shops in 350,000 square feet of retail space and 3,000 parking spaces and is one of Scotland’s newest retail and leisure complexes. Part of an urban regeneration initiative, Antonine has been hailed by councillors as signalling the rebirth of the town Centre and has led to the creation of more than 600 jobs. Retail analyst CACI estimates that the creation of the new mall will increase spend in Cumbernauld town centre by as much as 84%.

Deterring Retail Theft with Instant, Secure, Discreet Communications

The Antonine Centre needed a reliable communications system to enable members of its shop watch scheme to alert each other and the Mall Security Officer to the presence of known criminals or troublemakers. Shopalert was created to help protect retailers against the rising cost of shoplifting by enabling stores to work together to tackle criminals.

The Antonine Centre was already using Motorola Professional Series analogue radios to streamline some of its routine, day-to-day activities. Cleaning operatives, security personnel and the managerial team were using Motorola Professional Series radios to keep in touch with colleagues throughout the 75-hour trading week.

The Centre now wanted to extend its use of Walkie Talkies to build a system that could provide the most effective deterrent against groups of well-equipped, fast-moving thieves.

MOTOTRBO Offers Better Value for Money with Improved Coverage, Greater Operational Flexibility and Backwards Compatibility with Analogue
Digital two-way radio was chosen to provide a secure, discreet communication system with no risk of transmissions being compromised by eavesdroppers. The Centre’s local Motorola Authorised Dealer demonstrated how MOTOTRBO digital radios could provide greater coverage and improved audio clarity than analogue and enable users to make both one-to-one and group calls. The increased battery power would extend battery life by up to 40%, enabling the radios to be used throughout the entire 11-hour trading day without recharging.

The radios were pre-programmed to users’ needs by the Centre’s Motorola Authorized Dealer, which ensured a rapid set-up and seamless go-live. User training took only 20 minutes thanks to the cellular look and feel of the handsets. MOTOTRBO handsets cost around 10% more than analgoue, but their higher specification and wider feature set meant they could meet Antonine’s needs more effectively and offer better long-term value.

Shopalert was an immediate success, with 10 of the larger outlets, including Next, River Island, Woolworth’s, Dunnes Stores, TK Maxx, Dorothy Perkins and Birthdays, joining immediately. Each

shop has a MOTOTRBO DP 3400 hand portable that is used by managers or door security staff to alert all other scheme members and the Mall Security Officer simultaneously to troublemakers. Around 70% of all calls made are broadcast to all users but retailers can also request a one-to-one call with the Mall Security Officer if they want to discuss an incident discreetly, without alerting all users. Pushing the blue button

on the side of the radio sends a pre-determined text message to the security officer asking for a private call. The on-duty security controller carries a MOTOTRBO DP 3600, which has an alphanumeric display enabling the controller to identify the caller instantly.

Around 30% of transmissions are one-to-one and caller identification is a particularly useful feature for the Antonine Centre. Knowing who is calling

enables security staff to respond more rapidly to any situation that arises. They can also take advantage of MOTOTRBO’s interoperability between analogue and digital to ask the CCTV controller using the Motorola Professional Series radios to train cameras on any particular store or alert the police immediately if required

If an emergency situation arises, users can press the orange button located on top of the MOTOTRBO radios. This transmits their identity to the controller and all other radios which emit an audible signal to alert users. The radios can also be deactivated remotely by the controller to protect against theft and misuse. If a lost radio is subsequently found, it can be revived over the air by the controller.

Around 40 calls each day are made by the mall security officer and three or four by each Shopalert member. Most transmissions last only 10-20 seconds but some longer calls last for up to one minute. MOTOTRBO’s high-quality audio transmission virtually eliminates background noise and ensures that there are no black spots across the entire complex. Speech clarity is excellent, there are no scrambled messages, and all communications are transmitted loud and clear. The ability to transmit messages securely, knowing that there is no risk of them being intercepted, is a major advantage over analogue and of considerable benefit in the fight against crime.

The wider range of digital reduces hardware purchasing and operating costs by eliminating the need for a base station to provide coverage across the entire shopping area and its three outlying car parks. MOTOTRBO’s broad feature set means that new functionality can be added incrementally as the shopwatch scheme’s needs expand, making it a scalable, future-proofed, cost-effective solution.

Shoplifting Cut as 30% Join Shopalert Immediately and a Further 20% of Retailers Set to Join when all Outlets are Fully Operational

Shopalert has been very successful in deterring theft at the Antonine Centre where notices announcing the crime prevention initiatives in place have been displayed in every participating shop. Since going live with the MOTOTRBO radios very few instances of attempted shoplifting have been reported. The scheme is currently live in 30% of the stores that are already open, a figure that is set to increase to 50% when all outlets are fully operational. Most non-participants are either very small stores or shops that provide a service rather than sell goods, such as

hairdressers, where the risk of theft is not a significant problem.

Digital transmission prevents the risk of professional shoplifters with frequency scanners being able to eavesdrop on calls. The improved speech clarity

of digital over analogue means that messages get through first time, even against the constant

background noise of a busy mall. MOTOTRBO’s ability to enable callers to make one-to-one as well as group calls ensures that users who are not part of a call remain undisturbed.

MOTOTRBO’s interoperability between analogue and digital means that the Shopalert radios could be programmed to operate with the Motorola analogue hand portables used by cleaning staff, security

and Centre managers. MOTOTRBO will ease user migration from analogue to digital in the longer term.

The Evolution of 2 way radios

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Walkie talkies are very commonly used for communication between two points. The half duplex channels allow only one radio to transmit at one point of time and the other would have to just listen. It is only one way communication that is possible.

They have built in speakers in them and hence do not need to have a separate earphone like that of a telephone to be held to the ear.

The handheld units are similar to box radio but fitted with an antenna and both units get connected to radio stations that transmit and receive messages from a fixed point or range.

The credit of inventing the first radio transmitter and receiver goes to Motorola. Motorola created and coined the word ‘walkie talkie’ and the model was called Motorola SCR -300 that was based on frequency modulation. This version was a backpack mounted version.

It was during World War 2 that Motorola produced the ˜Handi Talkie”, the older version of the modern ‘walkie talkie‘. The performance was not as good as the ‘walkietalkie’ but still it was the first self contained and handheld device that was available in the industry.

Today you get a lot of models and varieties of ‘walkie talkie’ that are available for use in different purposes. The prices as well as the range and quality of the devices vary depending upon its usage. These are today used in a variety of applications including defense sector, outdoor recreation, various businesses as well as public crowd management and security agencies.
With improved technology the ‘walkietalkie’ have also become sophisticated, more compact and user friendly. The commercial ‘walkietalkie’ tend to be a lot of studier, bigger sets with protective casing and operate on limited frequencies but with clarity. On the other hand the personal and individual sets tend to be sleeker, compact and light weight and can operate on many channels that are available within the band, but tend to lack in clarity.

You get ‘walkie talkie’ for kids too. These are very basic and minimalist featured units and low tech when compared to the others. They are not very expensive and do not require a license and operate within a range of few meters only.

Getting a Two way radio For Your Employer

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You’ve most likely seen walkie talkies used by cops and security personnel walking around hotels. They are generally placed on the belt and sound is heard even when it’s not used. The digital age enabled the growth of new gadgets particularly the rise of mobile phones. Nowadays, we can send SMS messages and call individuals with in seconds. Nevertheless, have you ever inquired why Walkie Talkies are still close to?

The benefits of 2-way radios are the quicker service and cheaper calls. Mobile phone businesses charge by the minute of a phone conversation or per SMS. The difference with two-way radios is talking to the individual instantly and in “real-time.” The time spent connecting to the person on the receiving end when utilizing a mobile device is eliminated. There is also no busy tone sent simply because the network doesn’t get too clogged up. This ensures that a call is carried out proper the first time.

Some other individuals who are use two-way radios are event coordinators. As you see in movies, they use walkie talkies for advising one another of the activities and whereabouts to make certain that every thing flows smoothly. The charge of cellular telephone networks also depends on the position of the caller and the receiver- meaning the further they are from each other, the much more costly. With walkie-talkies, you never have to worry about these charges and cut the telephone calls short.

Walkie talkie designs have also evolved into stylish ones that come in different colors as compared to the conventional black styles that are very massive and heavy. The different two-way radio developers have adapted the mobile telephone styles and utilized them to create modern designs so that they are ideal for almost every age bracket.

Two-way radios are an excellent tool that can be used in a selection of situations. They are most generally used in the great outdoors amongst hikers, birders, hunters and campers, along with the legal authorities. There are a number of individuals who have them for their children or for use around their homes, even. The world of radios has evolved fairly a bit since its humble beginnings. They can be developed in extremely little sizes and can have incredibly strong signals. Such devices have been utilized in countless emergency circumstances and have resulted in saving countless lives.

On the other hand, when radios are bought that are poorly made and are not adequate sufficient to perform the way they need to, it can cause drastic problems. It is extremely important that you invest in a high quality two-way radio if it is some thing that you will be depending upon. It can be tough to know how to select a high quality radio from the mountains of options you have obtainable to you. It might help to know which manufacturers are advised when it comes to two-way radios.

There are four brands that are highly advised for your two-way radio needs. The HYT radio brand is a fantastic option to make. Another highly recommended brand for your two-way radio requirements would consist of the Klein. Lastly, Ritron-not to be confused with Nikon-is another fantastic brand that has been depended upon for fairly some time regarding these types of electronics. Picking a solid model for your two-way radio buy will reassure you that you have created the proper decision for your radio needs.

A two way radio is one that can both obtain and transmit on a selection of FCC-approved frequencies. These are more generally recognized as walkie-talkies. A quantity of factors come into play when it comes time to select the frequency you will be utilizing. Besides the FCC regulations, you must also take the terrain and other users in the area into account. Such elements can affect the high quality of the signal. Individuals choose to use walkie-talkies rather than cell phones or terrestrial lines for a quantity of reasons. 1 of the most often touted is that these radios will work in surroundings where cell phones are inoperable.

The ease of operation makes them favorites for individuals in a variety of professions. Many individuals use a two way radio in the workplace, including construction workers, landscapers, security experts, and firefighters. They are a fantastic and convenient way to communicate. All it takes is a easy push of a button and you can talk to your colleagues.

With a two way radio, you can speak with multiple individuals at once, making it simpler to give and obtain info. Some of these radios even have a feature that permits you to speak with a single person if the info exchanged is private. If you are thinking of purchasing some of these radios and want to learn much more about your choices, you can visit Two Way Radios. The customer service professionals at this website are knowledgeable and friendly, and can give you all the info you need.

If you have any queries relating to where by and how to use motorola SL4000 radio, you can get in touch with us at our internet site.

Imagine life without a Mobile Phone

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WHILE DRIVING Do not use the mobile phone in heavy traffic. Do not dial while driving, if it is so important, ask someone to call for you. If you are alone, pull over on the side and dial. Use your mobile phone for short calls. Be prepared to end your phone call abruptly.
Use memory-dialing options. Learn to use your phone without having to look at it. Never take notes while driving. Make sure your phone is easily reachable when driving.

Your mobile phone is tailor-made to deal with tough conditions, which come from the fact that it is a mobile service. But nonetheless, the instruments can take only so much abuse, and are susceptible to breaking.

If your phone gets wet, or if you dial the numbers with wet hands, and water gets into the buttons and internal corrosion may occur. Make sure your phone is dry, especially when it is switched on. Using a belt-clip or a holster keeps the mobile phone firmly in its place, and prevents it from falling off accidentally. Try not to stuff your phone in with all your other worldly possessions, it may cause the glass display screens to crack.
Extreme heat can cause damage to the mobile phone electronics and the phone battery. Extreme cold can also cause a temporary loss of the display screen.

Mobile Phone Carrier:
The normal subscription system, where you get a monthly bill for all calls made.
Prepaid mobile Phone:
You pay for the service in advance, where the amount in your account is debited with per call made. When the account has been used, you have to get a new card. A pre-paid phone service does not require the initial investment as the monthly service. However, the per call cost is more in a pre-paid. Also, benefits like free night-talk, and others are not available.
Mobile Phone Accessories:
Extra batteries, battery chargers / conditioners, battery eliminators, hands free kits, and leather cases, are all the accessories available.
Hands Free:
An important safety feature that’s included with most of today’s mobile phones. It permits drivers to use their phone without lifting or holding the handset to their ear. You can speak into your handset by placing it near you during a conversation.
Voice Activated Dialing:
A feature available only on selected phones and hands-free car kits that permits you to dial numbers by calling them out to your mobile phone, instead of dialing them manually.

Although no conclusive evidence has been found linking mobile phone exposure to brain cancer, several new studies suggest that the potential threat to health is greater than previously thought. Another cause for concern is the effect on health due to Walkie Talkie Frequency (RF) exposure. RF can penetrate exposed tissue, is absorbed by the body and produces heat although the body’s normal thermo regulating process carries this heat away.
According to new WHO (World Health Organisation) guide rules:

Mobile phone users should limit their exposure to harmful Walkie Talkie frequencies by cutting the length of calls. Hands-free devices cut exposure by keeping the instrument away from the head and body. Driving & mobile phone talking should be banned.
Mobile phones should not be used in Intensive Care Units of hospitals as they can pose a danger to patients by interfering with the working of pacemakers and defibrillators. People with hearing aids should not use mobile phones. Base stations, which have low powered antennae on their terrace to communicate with mobile phones, should not be located near children’s schools and playgrounds.

Let your personal phone be personal:
Be discreet about giving out your mobile number Only give your number to people you actually know, it’s your money you’ll be spending when they ring you up.

A mobile phone should be used as a device for communicating. Your chats can be left for a landline. Use your phone smartly to save on your bills. Buy smart, talk smart, and save money on your mobile-phones. mobile phone technology has gone on to make the world smaller, and at your fingertips. Also people can keep in touch and trace each other with much more ease. So go ahead, and keep your date, even if you missed her at the taxi stand. Just talk!!

Vhf Walkie Talkie-So Essential

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Vhf radio is installed in all large ships and most seasoning small crafts.

It serves wide range purposes starting from summoning in case of danger for rescue to communicating with harbors, locks, bridges, and marinas. Although it is also widely used for collision avoidance purposes the main purpose is communication with the land.

It so designed that it has turned to be an excellent combination of transmitter and receiver and only operates on standard National and International frequencies known as channels. The most common channel is Channel 16 at 156.8 MHz is the international ‘distress’ channel.

A modern day motorola SL4000 radio not only offers the transmission and receiving facilities but also has additional features. Over the years it has developed the most required Digital Selective Calling capability. Even any basis t can alert other boats or ships just pressing a single button.

More expensive radios offer multiple calling or alerting options. It has a built in hailer which can act as public address system. The most sophisticated radio has keypads for data entry.

Without any doubt a Marine Radio presents the most sophisticated safety equipment or device on board. This radio can deliver a call for assistance at a very quick time and most effectively. It allows the crews on board to listen to the latest weather report and take necessary precautions in case of any oncoming danger well in advance.
You can always find the local authorized motorola SL4000 radio dealer to buy such a precious device or you can opt for online shopping. If anyone plans to sail a few miles off the shore then it is always advisable to buy such valuable equipment for your adequate safety. The majority of the channels of this types of radio are set aside for duplex transmission channels where communication is possible in both directions simultaneously.

Since Boat License Laws vary from state to state in the USA, the criteria for obtaining such license are bit different just considering the local elements. Basically any vessel travelling at a speed at more than 20 Km. per hour, the sailor needs to hold valid license and in case of commercial vehicle irrespective of the speed a license is must.
To obtain a license you will need to have account of your boating experience, completion of standard training courses and meet minimum medical and eyesight standards. Like in Canada any vessel used for recreational purpose the user have to hold a Pleasure Craft Operator Card which in other way is a form of license..In this case also the user has to fulfill some similar criteria as discussed above.